Come in and meet our friendly team; Antonella (Directing Stylist), Tracy (Senior Stylist), Holli (Senior Stylist)

Antonella Vergari

Directing Stylist

Award winning stylist Antonella  has been working in the hairdressing industry for the past 30 years. Antonella’s amazing eye for detail and passion to be creative makes her the master stylist that she is today. She continues to motivate, educate and inspire her team through her work. Although Antontella is passionate about all aspects of she particularly specializes in the art of curly hair design.

Tracy Fulton

Senior Stylist

Tracy has been with hairdressers at work for the past 10 years and has 20 years experience working within the hairdressing industry. Tracy is a perfectionist, achieving nothing but the best with each and every client. Her love for being creative is evident with all of her work, as Tracy keeps up to date with all of the latest hair trends. Known within the salon as our leading straight hair stylist, Tracy is incredible with all aspects of straight hair design.

Holli Phillips

Emerging Stylist

Up and coming stylist Holli, is currently in the 3rd year of her apprenticeship. Holli continues to grow and be inspired by all the members of the Hairdressers At Work team. Having produced wonderful work already and continuing to improve, the future is looking bright for this emerging stylist. Holli has been apart of weddings, photo shoots and fashion shows which has developed her love for up-styling and long hair design. Having a keen eye for detail is what makes Holli great at achieving the best results for all her clients.

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